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Amtrak UK offers its customers a full service booking point for US trains, hotels and other holiday components from its office in Norwich, Norfolk.

US rail, or Amtrak (not Amtrack) as it is officially known, adds a different dimension to your travels by train in the USA and provides another wonderful facet to your American holiday.

There is a mystique to riding the rails, a sense of excitement and anticipation as you walk down the platform, the carriages towering above your head. You find your seat, and, at the appointed time, you feel a small lurch as your journey begins. No one tells you to sit down or to fasten your seat-belt or to put your bag in the overhead rack. It’s a refreshing change.

From your US arrival city, you can reach practically every major town in the country without the stress of struggling through airport security or trying to read a map as you navigate unfamiliar roads in your rented car.

Amtrak’s route network of trains covers the eastern seaboard with swift, comfortable, convenient service from city centre to city centre. This allows you to avoid the time-consuming airport check-in, the lost bags, the poor or non-existent on-board food and the inevitable long expensive cab ride from the airport to your hotel.

These Amtrak trains are either regional services with both coach and business class seating or the high-speed Acela trains, which replaced the grand old Metroliners, offering first and business class between the more densely travelled rail routes.

Between the seaboards is the domain of the mighty long-distance Superliner trains. You can, for example, experience two relaxing days on the train from Chicago to San Francisco and in between see some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. The Rockies from ground level look a little different than when you are seeing them from six miles up!

Watch the changing view of the landscape from the comfort of your swivel chair in the lounge car or over a delightful meal prepared minutes before in the dining car. Perhaps consider a small post-prandial libation and then be lulled to sleep in your private cabin by the distant hum of the diesels as your carriage is pulled swiftly toward your journey’s end. Tomorrow you will arrive refreshed into a new destination to explore – it is an experience not to be missed.

Amtrak UK can reserve you a seat or a cabin on nearly every Amtrak train in North America. We can provide assistance with planning everything from your entire family holiday to booking a single point-to-point ticket and general train service information.

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