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Athens, Greece; the origins of democracy in 500BCE are here. Home to the Spartans, the Peloponnesians and the Corinthians. Site of some of history’s greatest battles. Ruled by Zeus and the Gods of yore. Remember its history as you wander through the artefacts of the Acropolis or visit the site of the first Olympic Games.It is a captivating place; the warmth of both the people and the sunshine will ensure you begin every day with a smile and eager anticipation of the days’ activities. Maybe travel to fashionable Thessalonica on one of the swift and comfortable Intercity trains. The variety of food and the setting in which you choose to eat are almost endless.Outdoor cafés abound.Have lunch under an umbrella looking at the idyllic settings.

The achingly brilliant blue of the Aegean, the black sand beaches of Santorini and the lively nightlife on Mykonos, these and other sights will make this a memorable place to visit. You will not want to leave.


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