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The roof of the world.The awe inspiring peaks of the Himalaya mountain range, the gorges and valleys created by the headwaters of some of the mightiest rivers on Earth. Birthplace of the Yangtze, Yellow River, Indus River, Mekong and the Ganges.There is a gorge as long as the Grand Canyon in the USA. Tibet contains two world heritage sites – the Potala Palace, the residence of the Dalai Lama, and Norbulingka, his summer palace. Lhasa, the capital city, contains a number of significant temples and monasteries, including Jokhang and Ramoche Temples. Tibet boasts one major railway, the 1,200-mile-long Qinghai, running from/to China. You can take this from either Beijing or Xian. The long, slow ride as you ascend into the clouds on the way into Lhasa provides a wonderful scenic introduction to the wonders ahead. The average height of the landscape here is over three miles up! The air is much thinner than you are used to so be cautious about visiting if you have breathing or ambulatory issues. If you go, you will be rewarded with an extraordinary experience.


Train Holidays in Tibet

Beijing to Tibet - ‘Across the Roof of the World’ 15 days from £3995

We start our journey in Beijing, China's vibrant capital, before traversing varied and diverse landscapes, and climbing to the mystical city of Lhasa on board arguably the most remarkable railway journey in the world.

Departs from May 2019 to October 2020.

The Golden Eagle - China and Tibet Rail Discovery 12 days from £8195

Combine a rail journey through China from one of the world’s least known places, Tibet and the mystical capital of Lhasa.

Departs from April 2019 to April 2019.

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